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Monarch of the Moon
Director: Richard Lowry
Writer(s): Richard Lowry
Chris Patton
Release Date: 2005
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Monarch of the Moon is a 2005 film from Dark Horse Indie.


  • Blane Wheatley as Cal / Yellow Jacket
  • Monica Himmelheber as Sally / Maxine
  • Brent Moss as Benny
  • Kimberly Page as Dragonfly
  • Will MacMillan as Col. Slate
  • Penny Drake as Sabula
  • Kyle Vogt as Vernon
  • David Boller as Hans
  • Robert Clink as Zahi
  • Jacob Gray as Japanese Submarine Captain / Rookie FBI Agent / JapBot
  • Kyle Kaplan as Randy
  • Mike Kimmel as General Donleavy
  • Josiah D. Lee as Navigator
  • Kenzo Lee as Emperor Hirohito
  • Rob Little as Corporal Dennich
  • Tommy Nightingale as Little Tommy
  • Chris Tongue as Evil Nazi
  • Phil Van Tee as Professor Montgomery Wright
  • Gerold Wunstel as Dr. Veisenhammer

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