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Tamara Campbell
Appeared in Dr. Giggles
Actor Michelle Johnson

Tamara Campbell is the heroine of the film Dr. Giggles.


Dr. Giggles[]

Jennifer decided she had had enough of the fair and walked home. She dumped her heart monitor in her fish tank and began to leaf through her photo album. As she did this, Dr. Giggles managed to sneak into her house through the back door. Jennifer decided to go back to the fair after all, leaving her step-mother, Tamara, and her father, Tom, alone in the house with Dr. Giggles. When Jennifer's father found the heart monitor in Jennifer's fish tank, he automatically assumed the worst and went to search for his daughter, leaving Tamara alone. Dr. Giggles then found Tamara eating ice cream and tied her to a chair, gagged her, and scolded her for eating fattening foods, then began to suck up all the food in her stomach with a liposuction pump. He continued to pump out all the blood in her stomach and esophagus, causing her to bleed to death.




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