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Tina Carlyle
Tina Carlyle
Appeared in The Mask
Actor Cameron Diaz
"You know that night at the club? I knew I'd found someone special."
―Tina Carlyle [src]

Tina Josephine Carlyle is the star singer at the Coco Bongo Club Nightclub. Dorian Tyrell's ex-girlfriend and the love interest of Stanley Ipkiss. She was played Cameron Diaz in her acting debut


Tina is a tall, beautiful sultry woman with blonde hair and blue eyes in her early 20s. She is often seeing wearing beautiful dresses and jewelry. She is the Star Singer at the Coco Bongo nightclub, owned by Niko Devito and managed by Dorian Tyrell.


Early Life and Stardom[]

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Tina as The Coco Bongo's Star

Niko Tina Dorian - Copy

Niko, Tina and Dorian Celebrating, Tina being the Star of the Coco Bongo

Tina was born on 1973 or 1974 Not much is known about Tina's life before the events of the mask other than she developed a passion for singing at a young age and dreamed of being a star. At 18 against her parents' wishes Tina moved out on the quest to be an actress and Singer. Luck was not on her side and she ended up in Edge City, when she heard the Coco Bongo Nightclub was looking for a new singer, within nothing to loss, Tina gave it her all and managed to impress the owner, Niko Devito. Niko's Manager of the club, Dorian Tyrell took an instant liking to the young star and the two eventually started dating and moved in together. With Tina as the Star of the Coco Bongo, business was booming. The three were officially a winning team, things couldn't be better. Tina didn't know that her lover was planning to get rid of her loving boss once and far, getting tired of taking orders from him.

The Mask[]

The Bank Job and meeting Stanley Ipkiss[]

Tina Carlyle 3

Before Dorian was gonna take Niko out, he needed some cash. Dorian had a few of his men scout the Edge City bank and the came across two easy targets, Stanley Ipkiss and Charlie Schumaker. Dorian told Tina about the bank and he needed her help, but she told him, to forget that she is just a singer. All he told Tina she had to do was wear a hidden camera and look pretty. Dorian persuaded Tina by telling her he'd take on her a shopping spree and buy her some jewelry, Tina finally agreed. The next day, Tina went into the bank wearing a gold necklace, tight red dress with her legs showing and black pumps. She immediately got the attention of Stanley and Charlie. Tina first walked up to Charlie and gave him her coat to hold and can tell he was content. Now it was Stanley next and asked about opening up a bank account. Thats when Tina started to get all flirty and change the subject about his tie. Then Tina asks Stanley for some tissues to clean her wet dress,showing some cleavage in the process, but Stanley isn't phased by it yet. Back to the tie, she mistakes it for an ink block and he corrects her by saying its Rorschach tie. Tina responds by saying it sort of looks like, hmm... a young woman riding bareback, sort of a... Lady Godiva or something before grabbing Stanley's tie and puckering her lips. Stanley tells her the tie makes him feel powerful and she asks if it works and gives him a good look at her beautiful legs. Dorian and his crew are cheering on.

Running into Stanley at the Coco Bongo Club[]


Tina in a Black and white Dress outside the Coco Bongo

Tina arrives at the back entrance of the Coco Bongo in her limo after a long day of shopping like Dorian promised her. Shes wearing A tight black and white dress. Shes enjoying a cigarette before she has prep for her show. After she is done she hears her driver splash water and man scream. Her driver comes to let her out and she sees it is Stanley, the awkward man from the bank. She greets him and smiles at him. He tells her about race he's going to and she sees his beat-up car. As she sees him leave, she smiles and waves bye and then heads inside the club, moments before her show and to nobody's Suprise it's a hit. After the club closed for the night Tina Joins Dorian for some drinks and cigarettes. He commends her for her part in the bank. Tina tells Dorian thats her that was one time deal and that shes singer and thats it, saying she'll go to the police if it happens again. Dorian mocks her before trying to charm her. Tina pretends to kiss him and puts her index finger on his lips, says she doesn't get involved with the help. Finally she gives him a quick smooch on the lips and he continues to kiss her. Later on they continue enjoy their evening together.

The Mask watching Tina Perform at the club[]


Tina Performing at the Coco Bongo

The next night is a big show thats been hyped for weeks and the club is packed. When its time for the main event the lights go dim and Coco Bongo's star is given a special intro. Now Present to the most beautiful flower of the Coco Bongo, Miss Tina Carlyle. The stage lights up and the leaves at the top arise and there she is in the flesh Miss Tina Carlyle. The crowd is already going crazy and rightfully so, Tina is in her most revealing outfit to date, a mini gold and sliver nightgown made of mesh. Tina moves her hands around her body and grabs her mic and starts singing her song Gee Baby and makes her way to the audience. She starts flirting, teasing and seducing various men in the crowd. There is one man in the audience a yellow zoot suit and wearing a green mask, who is being extra loud. Tina doesn't think much of it since this isn't anything she isn't used too already. Only this man's eyes and heart are popping out. Hes making wolf noises. Tina doesn't know thats Stanley Ipkiss wearing a magical mask that grants his desires, like everybody at the club he is infatuated by her. The mask makes even more noise when he sees Tina stroke her hand down her body next to tree. Tina finishes off with strong vocals and the lights shine bright on her.


Tina Amused by The Mask rocking the joint

Tina's dance with The Mask[]


Tina and The Mask's Tango


The Mask and Tina Kiss

The mask continues to let a few howls and smacks his head a few times before racing towards the Coco Bongo stage. A spotligt shines on The mask and everybody turns around. Tina finally sees the masked man for the first time and intrigued. The mask shouts, lets rock this joint. He gets more rocking music playing and the crowd is going crazy. Tina smiles and with a few moments, the mask starts dancing with her. The Mask and Tina began dancing like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The mask throws Tina up and down several times and spins around over his head. Little do they know Dorian and his men are watching, after the Mask hit the bank first. One last time Tina and the Mask join hands and the Mask does a gumby like move. Tina grabs his back to be turned around and they freestyle once more. Unknown to Tina, the Mask has huge finale planned, he starts slowing spinning her around and Tina notices that she is starting to move at the speed of light and is amused, but gets freaked out when she is tossed in the air. She lets a scream and feels like lifetime for her up in the sky and The Mask doesn't have a care in the world and pulls out a clock, as he sees his woman falling down. He moves and turns her body until their eyes are meeting. That was rush for Tina and shes looking at here admire in shock. Before she can say anything, the mask kisses her, causing her shoe to come off. The two continue to smooch for a moment longer before, Their kiss finally comes to an end and Tina can't stop smiling, thinking hes an upgrade from Dorian. Moments later gunshots are heard, The mask's tie has been hit. Dorian tells Tina to leave, she's disappointed that this moment was ruined. She watches from the side as Dorian and his men try to kill the Mask and she's amused by his antics. She sees LT Mitch Kelloway arrest Dorrian and she ends up having to tell Niko and Call her Lawyer. She ends going home alone.


The Next Day[]


Dorian Angry at Tina for Kissing the Mask

Dorian is released from custody and he's not in a good mood. Dorian tells his men that he is offering 50 grand to whoever can find the Mask and bring him alive. Tina is laughing at everything while smoking and reading a magazine. Dorian tells her shes been nothing but backage and she didn't put up a fight when The mask kissed. Tina said she had no choice. Dorian then threw her magazine and tells her its payback for anybody that crosses her. He then tells her to try and find The Mask herself and he will share the money with her. He then kisses her.

Finding the Mask[]


Tina falling for the Mask

Tina goes back to the Bank and tells Stanley shes not gonna have much of an account anymore. In concern asks if there is anything he can do with her and she says its not her problem. Finally she asks if he heard about The Mask as he finally made headlines and the police are looking for him. For he denies and then she tells him so long. Then he says he knew him from college and he taught him how to dance. Tina asks if Stanley can set them up to meet. He agrees and Tina gives him a kiss on the cheek. Later that night Stanley goes to the Park and sees Tina is waiting there. Stanley then tries to leave and Tina stops him and thanks him for his kind words earlier. Then mentions that Dorian Tyrell is her manager. Stanley is even more concerned as he says heard stories of people going missing who are around Dorian. Tina says shes doing what she can to survive and can take of herself. Stanley walks off in her angry. Tina realizes how harsh she sounds and tries to talk with him, but its not use hes gone and the mask appears. Shes in shock and the mask spins her way and grabs her. He tells her he will reveal his croissant, he will spread her pate, and he will dip his ladle in her vichyssoise. she then knees him and attempts to run, but hes got her cornered. She then is back to the bench. The Mask offers her a cigarette and all sudden pulls out hundreds of cigarettes and puts them all inside her perfect mouth. Tina is shocked and can't speak. The mask then grabs a torch to light what is now a large cigarette and Tina lets out a huge puff and the mask grabs the large cigarette and does his own puff, which forms a heart. Tina is now amused and smiles back at him. The mask moves in for a kiss and Tina is ready for another smooch, but LT Kelloway and his men show up and break up the moment. Tina runs off

Tina says goodbye to Stanley[]


Dorian Chasing Tina

Tina heads home and takes a long bath and also smokes and drinks. All she can think about is Stanley and the Mask. Then it hits her, What if Stanley is The Mask? No he couldn't be, but they are so much alike. After bath, Tina changes into a robe and soon hears Dorian walk in. He asks Tina if she found out anything about the Mask and she says no. Dorian then tells her not to worry about it that he got a tip about the mask whereabouts form some female reporter looking for some cash. Tina then tells Dorian it could be a trick, he thanks for being concerned but states thats his only lead and she has nothing to worry about since his men will be with him. Not wanting Stanley to be in danger, Tina attempts to seduce Dorian, by removing her robe and starts kissing him, at first he doesn't resist and then stops her. Saying he'd love to stay have fun with her, but he has more important matters to tend to and that he will make it up to her. He then tells her not to wait for him cause hes gonna be gone until tomorrow evening, but will pick her up and tells her to get some rest, because it's the charity ball and she has to perform. He also tells her to pick her best dress and gives her a kiss and takes off. Once she notices, Dorian is gone she packs several bags and gets some money together and makes a plan to leave town. As she is packing her bags she hears on the news that the Mask has been captured and hes really Stanley Ipkiss. Tina goes to a hotel and plans to leave town, but wants to say goodbye. The next day, Tina vists Stanley at the jail and he reveals hes the mask. Then tells her she should leave town that Dorian has the mask and evereybody is in danger. She thanks Stanley for not treating her like a party favor and actually caring for her. She grabs his hand and kisses on the lips goodbye. As she walks out she sees one of Dorian's henchmen. Little did she know he had eyes on her all night last night. She comes across another henchman and slashes his face with a knife. Soon Stanley can hear Tina yell for help. Tina finds herself in an alley surrounded by Dorian's men before he shows up himself. Dorian then tells her he had to keep eyes on her and was shocked to know she lied to him. One of his henchmen informs him that she had luggage packed to leave town. He then grabs her by the throat and says he has a better idea than a vacation that the two are going to the ball and gonna have fun time.

Prepping for the Ball[]


Tina and Dorian in his limo


Tina terrifed at Dorian's transformation

Dorian then takes Tina back home so she can dress for the charity ball. After hours she finally has the perfect dress. a black and red slinky sheer dress with black pumps. He then offers her a cigarette saying this maybe her only chance and she takes it. After that they enter his limo. Tina is ready for another cigarette, but Dorian tells her about how he warned her to enjoy that last cigarette and reveals to her, horror, explosives near her. Its finally Night Time, Dorian kisses Tina and she breaks away from her. He then pulls out the mask and to her horror puts it on. He then tells her whre were we? Then kisses her with the mask on and tells her thought she likes that, she can't break free

Niko's Murder[]


Tina witnessing Niko's murder


Dorian tell her that Tina is going to go out with a bang

The charity ball at the Coco Bongo is packing, more people than usual. Once at the club, Dorian pulls Tina at the limo and his men are at his side. Dorian blows the door opening, killing two guards. Niko demands to know who this man with a green mask. Dorain tells him hes an ex employee looking for his back pay. Niko is shocked that the monster is Dorian. Dorian kills all of Niko's men with easy. Niko shoots Dorian a dozen times and is shocked hes still standing. Dorian sucked the bullets out and shoots Niko, all Tina could do is watch in horror as her boss is killed. Dorian then tells him men to shoot the big piggy in the ceiling and to grab any money or valuables the patrons have. He takes Tina to the waterfall ties her up and tells her its her production number and shes gonna go out with a bang and puts explosives near her feet.


Tina tricks Dorian into Kissing her

One Last Kiss and Rescue[]

Stanley arrives at the club, armored and is ready to rescue Tina. He is able to knock out one of Dorian's men, but is soon discovered. Dorian orders his men to bring Stanley. Tina stops him and tells him she wants one last kiss. He then tells her they already tried that, but if she wants another. Tina said she wants a kiss from the real Dorian and she loved the way he kissed her. Dorian can't help himself takes off the mask and starts smooching his ex lover. Tina looks like shes enjoying it, but shes trying to kick at the tape, she continues to put on a show until her feet are finally loose and kicks the mask out Dorian's hand. Dorian orders his men to grab but all fail and soon Stanley's Dog Milo gets the mask and causes chaos for Dorian's men. Stanley then goes up to Tina, gives her a quick smooch and tries to untie her. Tina tells him to hurry since there is bomb. Dorian gets back up and gets into a fist fight with Stanley. Stanley manages to find the Strength and knock Dorian out. Stanley then sees Milo with the mask and yanks it off. Dorian's men shoot at Stanley but he takes cover and puts the mask on. Once Stanley reappears as the mask, Dorian's men are ready to finish him off, but the mask is ready and pulls out weapons of his own. Dorian's men run off. Tina then pleads for Stanley to disarm the bomb and at the speed light races to his lover and takes the bomb and eats it like a spicy meatball. Dorian is wounded but he refuses to give up. He grabs a knife and comes at the Mask in the waterfall. The mask creates a lever and Dorian is flushed down the drain and the knife falls down with him. Tina then smiles at the Mask, he apologizes about his behavior before and is about to take off the mask, but plants Tina with a goodbye smooch. Finally Stanley takes off the mask and gets ready to kiss her again. Lt Kellaway and his men storm in. Stanley unties Tina and they go. Kelloway tries to stop him, saying hes the mask. Mayor Tilton tells Kellaway that Stanley is hero and that Dorian Tyrell is the Mask. Stanley, Charlie, Milo and Tina all leave in victory.

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The Mask rescuing Tina

The End and life After The Mask[]


Tina and Stanley Kiss at the end

Early in the morning, Charlie drives Tina and Stanely to the bridge. Stanley tells Tina if she really wants to get rid of the mask? Say once hes gone its only him? Tina smiles at him and tosses The Mask, saying shes ready to know the real Stanley and kisses him. The stop for a second and Stanley yells Smokin! before kissing his woman. With Niko and Dorian gone, Stanley and Tina gain ownership of the club and she continues to be the Star. The Mask eventually comes back in their lives with both wearing it and fighting crime. Stanley and Tina eventually get married and have kids.